Real watches and fake watches, replica rolex watches online

A friend of mine in high school named H-June. H June has a watch factory in his hometown. So I was fortunate enough to learn a lot of knowledge in the line. He had a watch on his wrist that he had modified at home. Day Shuttle PRC200 time, swiss 7750 movement. Enough to see how much the mainland factory is capable of. Then I bought a lot of watches, real watches and fake watches. I’m not going to dwell on it.

The origin of false watches.Why do we live in a place with replica watches? Actually it’s an experience from scratch. It’s all about Rolex.In the early days, Rolex was very popular in Taiwan. It was also a matter of reform and opening-up. People in these areas think about being a replica rolex. Then start imitating the oyster shell. To tell the truth, these watches were not copied well in the early years.The quartz movement is packed in an alloy shell. But after all, there is this shape. The people who have seen the ancient confusion are very clear that the story, is the pheasant’s Rolex was patted the result of the pointer all flew out. This is the true portrayal of that era.

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As a result, because of the popularity of Rolex in the Taiwan, many of the mainland’s watch factories began to imitate oyster-shaped production watches. It’s just beginning to mimic the shape of production. Many large watch factories have done this kind of thing. Because the recognition of this model is too high.

People love these watches. After these watch plants in the Southeast coastal area (specific provinces I do not say, someone opened the map cannon) appeared a number of watch processing plants, not the domestic capital. These watch processing plants are mostly opened by Taiwanese businessmen, aiming at the Hong Kong and Taiwan market. Then the mainland market also mixed. Industry and commerce was not that bad. So slowly there are a lot of false watches to the big line. In addition, there are many domestic manufacturers in order to cope with the baptism of socialist market economy.

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