Red Hands Daytona Replica Watch

This watch comes with 6 differences when compared to the original watch created by Rolex. The first difference that we noticed is the rim around the face of the watch. This rim is red for the replica watch while being white for the original brand watch. The numbers that show the hours seem to be also made with a different font in the replica watch, or appear a lot bulkier.


The first series was launched in the early 60s and it was continued until the late 80s. Up until now it is still considered one of the most exclusive and pricey watches of all times. The main reason for the high popularity of the Rolex Daytona is the fact that each model had a unique four digits code.

On the genuine watch, the tachymeter scale, together with the chronograph, can be used to measure average speeds of up to 400 miles per hour. Again, this feature is not available on the very affordable Japanese movement replicas.

The design looks highly incorrect due to the wrong representation of the Rolex crown and the incorrect size of the pull piece. Except this minor detail, the band looks very nice. It is made from real leather and feels quite comfortable and authentic on the wrist.


Other things you should really check out before buying an imitation Red Hands Daytona online are the bezel, the leather strap and the clasp. The bezel should have a polished surface and all the correct indexes while the leather band should be black and have also black stitches. Some poor replicas come with stitching. This is a huge mistake. Also, on the clasp there must be the small raised Rolex logo.

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