Rolex Day Date Presidential Replica

The Day Date is one of the most iconic models ever made by the prestigious Rolex Company and many like to call it Rolex Presidential because it has been worn by countless US presidents throughout the history. It is the symbol of luxury and refinement. Just by owning it you earn your spot among the most pretentious watch collectors. It is the most desired luxury timepiece and acknowledged as the ultimate status watch.

If we take a look at the band we will discover a few unique particularities of this watch. It is called the Presidential bracelet and it is very different than the Oyster bracelet that, for example, a Daytona has.

It is also very true that both have links polished on the center and brushed on the outer part, but only the Rolex Day Date has such delicate and elegant narrow links. Its overall look is the one of a refined and discreet bracelet. You will notice that the clasp is also different. It is a hidden clasp. For opening it you simply need to pull downward on the little crown.


In time, changes in fashion and etiquette have allowed this beautiful timepiece to be worn with less formal clothing. Nowadays, you could even wear it with a white shirt, jeans and sneakers. It all depends on your personal style.

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