Fake Rolex Day-Date Gold actress Jennifer Aniston

The vast majority of women today leads the Rolex wrist watches for men. Usually the fairer sex more like men wearing Rolex bracelets; it is fascinating to watch this advertising of the 60s and always find that today the most popular Rolex models are the long ones shown at the top !

These Rolex Day-Dates all have dials that match their leather straps and represent a veritable rainbow of colors. There are five combinations available: green and cognac dials and straps on the watches with yellow-gold cases; blue or cherry on the watches with white-gold cases; and chocolate on the watch with Everose gold case. There is also a more t raditional version in Everose gold featuring a rhodium dial and black strap.

The Rolex Day Date replica watch comes packaged in a 36mm case. It is sculptured in 316L stainless steel. The case paved with round brilliant diamonds. Even the dial, also illuminated by the play of diamonds. It features 10 blue diamond hour markers, the display of the Day Date replica watch is equipped with hour, minute and seconds hands. You’ll noticed big day display and Rolex logo at 12 o’clock. The date display is found at 3 o’clock, while the ‘DAY-DATE’ logo is found at 6 o’clock.

Surely that of Jennifer Aniston in the images above is a Rolex Day-Date President 36mm gold 18 k, we see down the front row on the far right. Who would have thought at one time that the most common women’s Rolex watches would be one day those men!

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